Ground Source Heat Energy

  • No trenches or excavation is required; no spoil to deal with; no sand deliveries
  • It's cleaner, it's less disruptive, it's quicker, it's super-efficient, it's very cost effective

Geo-mole® has been designed, developed & patented to make the installation of ground source heat pump (GSHP) ground loops much quicker, easier, safer and cheaper.

Geo-mole® is a game changer. Project teams & ground workers who use Geo-mole® when installing GSHP save time and energy, using less resources and so they make more money.

The beauty of the Geo-mole® system is its simplicity, flexibility, ease of use and its significant cost saving.

It’s up to 50% quicker and only requires one operative. No more drilling rigs or slinky pipe installs required. The patented Geo-mole® displaces the soil and lays the pipes for ground source heat pumps GSHP at the same time. Geo-mole® can be used at any angle but will only operate in displaceable ground; normally the top 10-15 metres.

No trenches to be dug out; no large excavation is required; no spoil to deal with; no sand deliveries; eliminates the trench collapse risk

Geo-mole® is a patented product that is driven into position with compressed air before being converted to two pipes which carry the liquid to the heat exchanger of a GSHP.

With a compressor outside only pedestrian access is needed for an installaton. Geo-mole® will install bores up to 100 meters. No excavators or diggers needed.

It’s cleaner, it’s less disruptive, it’s quicker, it’s super-efficient, it’s very cost effective

Whether you need one pipe loop or ten, Geo-mole® saves time, eliminates damage, disruption and spoil. No making good needed. The result is a much more cost effective and less intrusive installation.

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Geo-mole® is an award winner; Shell Springboard Award, Energy Globe Award and Kent Innovation Award.

Vertical Geo-Mole

We have now started work on a Geo-mole with far greater impact for vertical use in an aim to open up the GSHP industry